Zhubajie Internet continues to be a little Pig

ZhuMingYue, male, han nationality, born in 1974 June, incumbent chongqing pig eight quit nets Boss. In September, 2006, ZhuMingYue resigned as chongqing evening news chief reporter, founded pig eight quit nets today.

“Now pig eight quit nets is just a development of piggy, but because American branch of formal operation and listing plan drive, soon, pig eight quit nets would really like QQ, become people included in existence.” Pig eight quit nets Boss ZhuMingYue such dreams.

5 years U.S. market

In November 2010, pig eight quit to nets and worldwide data group achieve proper cooperation agreement, and introduced formally established. The U.S.A. ZhuMingYue told chongqing morning paper reporter, this season, pig eight quit nets American branch will formally put in operation at the end of April, is anticipated to complete closed on-line.

“Pig eight quit nets shouldn’t just for China’s businesses and Online sites, still go out and be an worldwide creative service transaction platform.” ZhuMingYue, stated this past year that pig eight quit the elevated 200 people internet has exceeded the entire million, the 400 million, they are available from 25 nations and regions.

For enterprise planning and plan, ZhuMingYue have previously very obvious ideas: “the following 2 yrs, hopefully that through various promotion and cooperation and get new 1 single overseas each minute, normally every minute task launched 100 original works of fifty 1000 yuan of above, the annual earnings in excess of 100 million people.”

April 7, pig eight quit nets held a press conference to announce get first, wind is cast, amount of huge amount of money. This season, ZhuMingYue states turnover is anticipated to internet pig eight quit to understand 3 to 5 occasions the development, greatly elevated investor confidence, “we don’t exclude the following to possess ongoing within the 1025 financing, within the U . s . States for periods, the enterprise listed.”

With pig eight quit nets growth, many people transformation witkey like a professional.

Don’t consider the flow

The chongqing website owner conferences held this month, scene to almost 1000 of chongqing website owner, it can make ZhuMingYue shocked and comforting. Within the BBS, he hopes more speech link the stationmaster don’t become flow slave, don’t begin considering earning money on advertising.

ZhuMingYue states, pig eight quit nets from beginning the very first day, i never thought rely on the league advertisements to generate money, but continues to be insisting their witkey mode, “the long run continues to be a lengthy approach to take, we want more communication website owner and development ideas.”

Chongqing morning paper reporter LiuChun

Figure/chongqing YangXinYu morning paper reporter

Chongqing morning news: as enterprise development, employees have arrangement salary structure?

ZhuMingYue: I must worker commitment, each raise 30% above. This season Within the next 3 years to attain worker shareholding plan.

Additionally, if entrepreneurs to gain access to Internet world, don’t consider the advertising and flow, should have yourself originality.

One trend in: when we don’t visit discuss mobile, smartphone words, is really military services weapons, we have seen the information in the U . s . States, through the finish of the year, within the U . s . States, over fifty percent of mobile come in wise phones, the event speed let’s can easily see, if later on it otherwise intelligence hands-held devices, has almost from a well known scope inside. The introduction of Chinese in this way becomes manifest pretty quickly, also around the left shows in China smartphone deliveries, this development speed is large, this season has nearly three million department it wise phones for shipment. Wise phone market in China occupies only 20%.

in comparison using the developed nations more wise phones have very large development space. Another point to see everybody, the modification trend makes this notebook and desktop, mobile terminal bounds we clouding, actually many functions thought only in desktop or laptop above, now because we Pad to emerge and wise phones, the emergence of a lot functionality actually completely have could be moved to mobile terminal inside, there’s lots of development process, once in producers and software questionable, now I’m able to clearly recognized and mobile this stuff can perform a lot of things.

Trend in mobile Internet no.2: what individuals do. Based on a really typical statistics for, the greatest usage or mobile search. Obviously we’ll find utilization of cell phones to determine video, appreciation of music these enjoy, and appearance the map, examine relevant position service and a few examine relevant information and a few related material, they are very large use. However the greatest mobile programs on the web or mobile search inside, out of this it may be observed in the condition, actually move is extremely appropriate to look the attached information. Search in China changes will also be very large, in using intelligent terminal, the browser’s use, do new programs and revel in new releases will also be very obvious, in lots of programs inside, mobile search and mobile information collection or perhaps in mobile Internet within the greatest scope.

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