What Good Powerpoint Slide Designers Do to Distinguish Themselves

Powerpoint is a tricky thing that many business people just can’t get a handle on. Many business people today see this as something that they need while not understanding how to properly maximize its effects. They throw together slides in hopes of convincing potential investors or their board to invest in a stock or take a certain position. The problem with Powerpoint is that when a slide is designed the wrong way, it can do tremendous damage to a speaker while he’s trying to make his point. By that same token, a very good Powerpoint presentation can enhance a speaker’s points. There are many things that good Powerpoint slide designs have to set them apart.

Sleek design

The best Powerpoint slide designers know that the best slides are sleek. They do not feature too much in the way of color. They also don’t have too many decorative elements that can distract from the text. The best slides are what one might call minimalist. They use various features to enhance the text. Even while doing so, they are conscious of the ability of a bad slide to distract the listener.

The proper amount of text
Any person who has seen a bad Powerpoint presentation knows that one of the biggest foul-ups comes when a person puts too much text on a slide. Many people want to put every word they are going to say on their slide. This can be detrimental for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it can overwhelm the listener. In fact, it turns the listener into a reader. This means that the person won’t be listening to the good points made by the speaker anymore. That person might also miss the strong hand gestures and other elements of non-verbal communication that the speaker brings to the table. Less is more when it comes to text.

The proper use of graphics

Bad Powerpoint slides tend to have too many graphics going too many directions. One way to explain this is that they try far too hard to impress. The best professional Powerpoint designers are popular today because they specifically understand how important it is to have graphics not as a distract, but as an enhancement. People often choose to use professionals because they know that professionals will not over-do things with the use of graphics.

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