Reminiscences of the Beloved Scarecrow within the Wizard of Oz

Ray Bolger, that’s. And just how a 2 person film company in Santa Cruz, California, lands him as on-camera narrator for a number of three TV special offers, is less magic because it is a tale of persistance.

Peter and also the Wolf may be the first film. As the famous Prokofiev story presenting the orchestra is educational, it could also be offered to TV and residential video. Along with a star can make that simpler. Plus, we have guaranteed traders that to safeguard their cash we will not allow it to be with no star. Therefore the search starts. For Henry Winkler, Danny Kaye, or Victor Borge. Though our first option is Bill Cosby – funny, engaging with family appeal. Iphone 3gs his agent.

“Great project,” he states. “How lengthy can you need Bill for?” “Just 2 days.Inch

“Sure, we can produce a deal.

Me is thumping. Bill Cosby! Wow! The show’s a champion. ” Say, 70-5000 each day,Inch continues the agent. “Hundred fifty total. Plus airfare, hotel and per diem, obviously.Inch “Uh. . . I’ll respond,Inch I mumble. Winkler likes the concept but does not have enough time.

Danny Kaye and Victor Borge will also be committed. More names are recommended: Dudley Moore. Lorne Greene (of Bonanza). “Sells pet food,Inch states a repetition counseling us. (Eco-friendly does Alpo spots at that time.) Iphone 3gs Worldwide Creative Management. Installed me right through to a small agent.

“Money can buy $5000 for that 2 days,Inch I only say, apologetically. “Here’s a fascinating title, Van Manley.” Van Manley? A fascinating title throughout the nineteen forties, but mention him to anybody under fifty and you will draw a glazed stare. “Uh… I’ll respond.Inch

With no title to improve network ears the work is destined for that shelf. So I am inside a melancholy funk after i stroll into our local library to scan LPs within the children’s section. Maybe another title will appear. So it does. One of the LPs is Full Zixi of IX, read by Ray Bolger. Perfect choice: the beloved scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. However, me sinks just how much is he going to want? Well i guess, nothing embarked and all sorts of that. Iphone 3gs the Screen Stars Guild. Bolger’s representative is William Morris. The biggie. I am moved to some enjoyable youthful fellow who states, “Well, Ray is not doing much nowadays. Frankly, you will find couple of projects he finds interesting. But send us a script.” That We do. Not much later the agent calls back. In fact I am in L.A. at that time and, states my lady Helen when she relays the content, “Ray really wants to setup a meeting.Inch “Are you able to come right over?” asks Ray, after i call. Absolutely. Within 30 minutes my oil-guzzling 1965 Peugeot is chugging up before his huge Beverly Hillsides home. He’s explained in the future around to his studio, where he greets me with similar engaging smile From the around the Scarecrow. His eyes let me know he’s careful but interested. He still dances a couple of minutes every single day, he states, “to help keep fit.Inch I browse around. Signed photos of Ray us dot the walls. With Judy Garland, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr and also the relaxation from the Wizard gang. We discuss the script, review suggestions he’s for small changes, many of which To be sure with. But I haven’t got the heart to request if he’ll perform the movie. “Obviously,Inch he continues, “Let me see what you have done.Inch

Obviously. Not much later Helen and that i return, getting along a duplicate of the earlier film we have made. We meet Ray in the Morris agency. He loves the show, with the exception that I’d used a fog filter (to have an traditional look), he finds disturbing. I promise no fog filter if he concurs to star in Peter and also the Wolf. Then to his house to speak within the script more. We obtain along notoriously, he concurs to complete the video, so we leave having a bag of plump avocados from his backyard tree.

At this time we do not think any star will tumble for $5000. (Except Van Manley.) So we have bending our offer, knowing we’ll need to scrounge for that more money. Through his agent, Ray has decided to $10,000, along with a percentage. And where’s that likely to originate from?

Within the next days the relaxation from the pieces get together: locations, creatures (we are shooting live, this is not animation), and also the boy to experience Peter. And also the crew is placed.

It’s days before filming. Lower towards the wire. We have elevated production money: $45,000. But they are still sweating out that $10,000 for Ray. With last second logistics to connect we have not time for you to beat the shrubbery for additional traders. Maybe, we believe, we are able to obtain a loan for that $10,000 then sell the show at rough-cut.

Yesterday Ray is scheduled to fly to Santa Cruz, the telephone rings. It’s him. “Look,” he states, “I must let you know something. Normally, I would not walk next door for 10000 dollars.” Me sinks. Could he take out?

“However I observe how hard you everyone has been trying to have this together and Let me help,” he continues. “So this is what: pay just me SAG minimum for that 2 days, plus 10% of product sales. Place the extra 10000 in to the show. Let us allow it to be just like we are able to.Inch Saved! SAG minimum almost 30 years ago is $250 each day to have an educational film. (That’s all we have to pay until a TV deal is came to the conclusion.) So we have got enough to help make the show. Barely. What we should don’t tell Ray, obviously, is the fact that no extra $10,000 is available.

Likewise, we all do result in the show just like we are able to. And together with two companion films it sells to CBS, Cinemax, The Disney Funnel, Showtime, to TV inside a flock of other nations, as well as for a large amount in the home video deal. In addition to doing great business within the school and library market. Everybody arrives smelling just like a rose. Even Ray.

Sometimes, taking chances takes care of. But only when there is a scarecrow in your corner.

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