Most Typical Reasons How You Get a Cracked Tooth

Like a dental professional who handles emergency cases at his Saratoga Springs-based practice, Glenn Park DDS PLLC, Dr. Glenn Park frequently listens to from patients who request in the future set for immediate visits simply because they think there is a crack inside a front tooth. Based on Park, you will find a couple of causes for cracked teeth which come up greater than other things.

To various people, the word cracked tooth often means various things. Many people might make reference to a little nick like a crack, whilst others think craze lines are identical factor like a cracked tooth. Neither could well be the particular meaning of a cracked tooth, thoughwhich happens when a number of teeth are fractured.

Craze Lines

Many people enter into my office when they watch a thin line on a single of the front teethusually once they were searching within the mirror within the bathroom or following a friend said excitedly they observed it. They believe it’s cracked, and they do not know what related to it. In these instances, though, the road may not really be considered a tooth crack. Rather, the thin line is one thing referred to as a craze line.

These painless lines only modify the surface from the enamel or even the surface from the tooth, and due to that there’s usually nothing that the dental professional can perform to eliminate them. When the problem is discoloration, only then do we will remove that. But generally, light fracture lines or craze lines do take place in the enamel and there’s nothing we are able to do about this.

Craze lines take place in the enamel since the enamel on teeth is extremely fragile. Whenever a thin line happens, this means there’s damage within the enamel, although not always within the tooth itself. The truth that your tooth doesn’t really hurt is really a telltale sign that exactly what the patient thinks is really a cracked tooth is really only a craze line.


In my opinion, the most typical reason for cracked teeth is fundamental trauma. When one is inside a vehicle accident or when an item hits him hard, among the common results is a damaged or cracked tooth. Even simple things like your dog jumping up and striking an individual within the facesomething has became of me on multiple occasionscan have sufficient pressure to result in a crack within the front teeth.

In Saratoga Springs, lots of people require an emergency dental professional in excess of just assist with craze lines. Such things as breaking off a filling, breaking off a part of a tooth, or breaking a part of a crown could be very painful. Although you will find numerous ways in which these breaks and cracks can occur, trauma is usually the most typical reason.


Chew may be the second most standard reason for tooth cracks or breaks. When individuals are eating, or masticating, they’ll sometimes result in a tooth fracture that may be very painful. However, the fundamental act of eating shouldn’t cause breakage within an otherwise healthy tooth. If your tooth breaks while someone is eating something fundamental, then that’s often a sign that another thing is happening.

Whenever a filling is completed on the tooth, the dwelling of this tooth is destabilized. Whether it’s a filling made from silver amalgam filling or simply fundamental tooth colored composite material, a tooth having a filling is less stable than the usual healthy tooth with no filling. Like a filling will get older, the quantity of pressure on the tooth could possibly get bigger and bigger. It’s at this time when anythingbe it a gentle food or perhaps a hard foodcould make the tooth to fracture because of biting.

Other Causes

You use the mouth area three occasions each day, 7 days per week, all year round typically. Due to that, whenever you place your mouth in extreme situationsby biting your nails, eating on ice, biting on pens, or making use of your teeth as tools where they should not beyou will ultimately finish up fracturing or cracking a tooth.

In a nutshell, the above mentioned reasons are the most typical causes in line with the patients I see who require an urgent situation dental professional in Saratoga Springs. While you will find a variety of minor problems that might cause a fractured or cracked tooth, trauma, because of sports or accidents, and home loan business stabilization because of a mature filling being left within the mouth, are two of the most common explanations why patients finish up cracking their teeth.

The data within the article isn’t meant to replacement for the medical expertise and advice of the health care provider. We encourage you to definitely discuss any choices about treatment or care by having an appropriate health care provider.

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