MentorHealth to provide web seminar on &ldquoSetting up a Compliance Program: Training is essential&rdquo

Summary: MentorHealth, a number one provider of internet practicing the health care industry, is organizing a web seminar on October 25 around the subject, &ldquoSetting up a Compliance Program: Training is essential&rdquo. Frederick Batte, Leader of Kristall Affiliates, would be the speaker only at that session.


Description: Why must a compliance program be set up? What exactly are its necessities? Should it have style or substance?

These are the questions health care organizations face every so often. This web seminar can give them a couple of experience into how you can safeguard themselves best against litigations and legal cases, when they appear in a later stage.

Placing a compliance program is to make sure that the health care setting has adopted the recommended recommendations, and that people are finding the type of care they require for ameliorating their own health condition.

Placing a compliance program that’s at the top of words and occasional on action is really a total waste of time and. This session will require up these points and let you know that to place an effective compliance program that’s effective and meets recommendations.

This web seminar will see this subject from all of these perspectives. It’ll start by since the following subjects:

o A Functional Compliance Manual

o Making Training & Manual Interact

o How you can Train the Trainer

o How you can Prioritize and Document Training

o Marketing your Training


When: October 25, 10:00 AM PDT 01:00 PM EDT


By whom:

Frederick Batte is leader of Kristall Affiliates, that provides specialized compliance and risk assessment for that healthcare provider community along with the lawsuit support community.

He’s an old special agent using the US Office of Inspector General and took part in the introduction of that Department&rsquos compliance guidances.

He’s a across the country known speaker on compliance and it has co-written it “Doctors come from Jupiter, Compliance comes from a universe&hellipfar&hellipfar away&rdquo.


To whom:

The web seminar may benefit

o Healthcare Companies

o Compliance Officials

o Institutional Healthcare Provider Boss, CCO

o Healthcare Provider Legal Staff


Duration: an hour


To sign up with this web seminar, contact

Ph: 800-447-9407

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