Home Building Options 101: Panelized Houses & Package Houses

“Let’s wait and watch … I’ll collect-in-Box Plan #73997”

Because the beginning of Sears close to the turn from the 20th century, we have had the ability to purchase entire home building kits and also have them shipped to the building site for construction. Not just has got the idea never vanished, the options are increasing. What is the attraction? Could they be real houses? In The Event You think about this approach?

There’s lots of untrue stories about packed houses that I wish to obvious up. Within my years being an owner builder consultant, I’ve discovered these to offer some obvious advantages of people. The greatest to be the ease of getting a lot incorporated within the package reducing the requirement for choices and shopping.

They’re known to in a number of ways. But, many of them are honest to goodness houses. We give them a call packed houses, package houses, panelized houses, factory built houses, and so forth. Traditional site-built houses are frequently known to as “stick built” houses. Unlike manufactured (mobile) houses that are classified in a different way, most packed houses have gained full “stick-built” status.

Yet, these stick built houses aren’t come up with within the traditional way. They’re built-in controlled factory conditions in most cases rich in quality wood items. An invaluable option provided by some panelized companies includes energy-efficient Structural Insulated Sections or SIPs.

Houses could be bought like a lumber package simply to complete the outer spend of the house, or they may be nearly complete home packages. These full packages include all of the home windows, doorways, siding, roofing, insulation, dry-wall, cabinets, counter tops, and often electrical and plumbing.


Very frequently you will find numerous styles and lay-outs to select from and sometimes you are able to submit plans of your. They’ll add your plans to their system and “panelize it” for you personally. Which means that they’ll frame it in small sections, or sections, for delivery to your website. Then with the aid of computer prepared schematics, the framework is frequently carried out under half the standard time needed to stay frame a home the standard way.

Your options aren’t restricted to just layouts. You’ll have the ability to choose such things as siding, roofing, cabinets, counter tops, and home windows, doorways and trim. For more clarification, this is a narrow your search of the items these and packages usually “are” or “aren’tInch

— They can be considered top quality, stick-built construction that receive full evaluation values from the traditional site built houses.

— They’re convenient for that home builder in additional remote places that there isn’t any lumberyards.

— They Aren’t snap together houses to become build with a novice. They should be put together on-site by experienced labor.

— They’re frequently time savers because the labor and shopping continues to be done.

— They Aren’t hassle free! Generally the maker will need to resolve a minimum of some (usually minor) difficulties with the lumber package.

— They’re frequently packed using the financing necessary to cover materials and labor to construct the house.

— They’re usually supported by companies who are able to distribute trouble photographers to evaluate any difficulty and provide solutions.

— They Aren’t less costly than purchasing lumber in the local lumberyard. Although, whenever you element in convenience and potential time savings, the general money invested might be less than with traditional building.

— They’re most frequently built-in the factory with increased precision and consistency than are available with lots of local framework deck hands.

Packed/panelized houses could be a great alternative based upon your objectives and requires. You can examine out several companies before you purchase. You will find variations in prices, options, customer support, and available plans.

Make sure to check for an additional:

— Could they be licensed inside your condition or building area?

— Have they got local representation that you could use?

— Can they provide you with references nearer your home that you could talk to?

— How far out of your building site could they be and just how will they fix problems?

Like every other building project, panelized home packages may have their problems. Based upon your requirements, the assistance you will get, the financial lending offered, the place of the building site, the price of lumber in your area, and lots of additional factors, the benefits can be quite attractive. Best of luck and don’t forget, anything you do, have some fun!

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