Financial Freedom Roadmap: The Ultimate 2 Hidden Locations Revealed – 5 Minute Formula

Are you aware that financial freedom can be obtained to anybody who changes their method of generating earnings and causes it to be their business to amass a particular dollar amount of cashOrfunds? Well, in case your goal would be to achieve financial freedom finish line (and it ought to be!), then as with every setting goals, among the secrets is getting absolute clearness on which your finish goal appears like. So, exactly what does financial freedom seem like? Read onto uncover the visual reality of monetary freedom by using this 5 minute formula! Damn, she sure is mighty pretty! Financial Freedom is regarded as the coveted ultimate goal of monetary well-being and appropriately so. Who wouldn&rsquot wish to be capable of exercise the option of being financially free enough to never need to work again to generate money? Sounds best to me anyway!

Now, basically requested you to definitely rapidly write lower on the rear of a napkin how much cash you&rsquod figure you&rsquod have to be totally financially free, it might be fascinating to determine what number you&rsquod develop. It&rsquos really a fairly tough exercise for most of us related to any degree of precision. Never fear, assistance is at hands with this particular 5 minute formula!

Inside a previous article, we used this 5 minute formula to sort out the precise amount of cash you&rsquod have to achieve the very first 3 locations on the path to financial freedom ( 1. Financial Protection 2. Financial Security and three. Financial Independence). Ideas&rsquore going exercise just how much money you&rsquod have to achieve the ultimate 2 destination: Financial Freedom after which only for the hell from it, Absolute Financial Freedom. Here goes, hang onto your hat!

1. Financial Freedom

You’ll have accomplished financial freedom if you have gathered an adequate critical mass of capital to supply enough earnings that you should live the life-style you would like (comprising inflation) without ever needing to work again for that relaxation of the existence. The keyword here’s &lsquodesire&rsquo. This is exactly what distinguishes financial freedom from the predecessor, financial independence, that is defined more in what you &lsquorequire&rsquo to reside reasonably easily.

Essentially, Financial Freedom would come with getting and taking pleasure in all of the luxuries in existence for example:

– Vacation Home under the sun ($700,000) &ndash $3, 500/month

– 35 Feet Boat ($150,000) &ndash $1,500/month

– Mercedes Benz ($100,000) &ndash $1,000/month

– 1 Luxury Holiday ($12,000)&ndash $1,000/month

– Harley ($20,000) &ndash $400/month

The extra monthly unearned earnings required for these luxuries involves $7,400/month i.e. $88,800/annum. Therefore the all inclusive costs of monetary freedom may be the $51, 600/annum figure required to achieve Financial Independence (which we exercised inside a previous article) Along with an additional $88,800/annum = $140,400/annum

Again, while using benchmark of the annual 8% roi means you&rsquod therefore require a critical mass of capital amounting to $1, 755,000 to be able to secure financial freedom. So, as you can tell it&rsquos a good amount of cash however i believe inside the area of possibility for anybody who sets about achieving it and re-thinking their method of earnings generation and financial planning.

2. Absolute Financial Freedom

Whenever you think absolute financial freedom, think total superstar lifestyle! You are able to virtually remove any financial restrictions and get your air guitar for that one!

You’ll have accomplished absolute financial freedom when you are able virtually do anything you want, with whoever you would like, around you would like &ndash without ever needing to be worried about money or work again.

So, presuming we&rsquod still prefer to keep everything we’veOrdo from your financial freedom list, we currently add all of the new dream capital products we&rsquod enjoy having that aren’t within our financial freedom list. For instance:

– 35-Yacht ($500,000) &ndash $5ThousandOr30 days

– Ferrari Testarossa ($250,000) &ndash $2, 500/month

– Piper Cherokee 140 or Cesna 172 Private Plane ($30,000) &ndash$3000/month

– Own desert island ($7,000,000) &ndash $14,000/month

Additional monthly unearned earnings required for these dream luxury products involves $21,800/month i.e. $261,600/annum. Therefore the all inclusive costs of absolute financial freedom may be the $140, 400/annum required to achieve Financial Freedom Along with an additional $261,600/annum = $402,000/annum

Again, utilizing an annual 8% roi means you&rsquod require a critical mass of capital amounting to $5, 025,000 to be able to secure absolute financial freedom. So, by today&rsquos standards it&rsquos a really significant amount of cashOrfunds. To be able to have developed this degree of personal wealth, you almost certainly may have be a significant business proprietor and a significant sophisticated investor i.e. you&rsquoll be considered a total money master!


So, that’s it! Financial Freedom and Absolute Financial Freedom defined when it comes to a complete amount of cash needed every year. So, you’ve now learned Just what it&rsquos gonna take that you should eventually quit employed by money and lastly have money on your side to flee the daily grind and retire to Margaritaville&hellipshould you need to! Take a look at my other articles on Personal Finance, Business and Wealth Creation guidelines to help you achieve financial freedom finish line&hellipfast!

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