Eliminating debt should be easy ….. right?

One of the toughest jobs we have as adults is remembering to keep our credit strong, bills paid or paid off and to keep debt low. Although our check book often dictates how and when we do things, the timing is really something we are in charge of each and every day. We don’t have the formula’s that the credit agencies calculate our lives with, but we do have the control to save and pay our bills off on time.

The hardest part of all that….. Remembering not to want what the neighbors have. Just because Sheila next door has the most awesome curtain rods you’ve ever seen, doesn’t mean you should blow next week’s budget and put off the credit card bill to go buy them. What it means is…. You save, you pay the bill on time and in a timely manner you go purchase them. If all goes well, you’ll forget about them anyway, because something went wrong on the Jeep Cherokee…. Again.

If you can pay your credit card a couple of times a month, then do so. It looks better to have those balances taken care of often. If you have a car payment to make each month, it doesn’t hurt to send a small payment AFTER you’ve made the main payment and tell the bank or loan institution to place that payment on your principal. It looks good in the long run AND it will help pay the car off early. Sometimes it’s the little things that help build you a better future and with credit, it certainly helps…. A LOT!

If you’ve decided to begin a business of your own and your past credit is sketchy, don’t bite your nails or lose sleep over it. Once you’ve made the decision to actually ‘Go’ into business, then you’ve made half the battle. The rest is cake. After you’ve gotten over the initial ‘shock’ of actually having the desire to be your own boss, the next is capital to get started and credit card processors.

Banks and credit unions aren’t the only suppliers of investment capital out there. A credit card processor like, eMerchantBroker.com, will process your cards. Along the way, you will learn things you didn’t even know you needed in your life. Begin by finding a credit card servicer. You need it for the business; they can counsel you, and might even have some ideas how to find capital for the beginning of your new life. They will also set up a direct deposit for you. Once you have set up the credit repair merchant account, your whole world will open up to so many possibilities that you’ll have to take notes and mark off each new step you’ve taken.

In the meantime, take a look at your credit as often as you can. There are an awful lot of sights out there that will give you your credit report for free. If you’ve been denied credit, the agencies are required by law to hand over a report that explains why.

In conclusion, you are an adult and even though we all go through it kicking and screaming, we have to have moments of lucidity and that is when you have to take control of your credit, your bills and your life. Don’t let it get away from you! You may want a car, a house or even to start a new business. It all ties together in one form or another and these days…. Those darned computers all talk together and they know what you’ve done since your turned 18. So make the most of it and take charge. After all…..that Jeep won’t hold together forever.

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