Do You Still Need a Checking Account?

These days, with everyone so reliant on plastic online bill paying and services like Apple Pay, is a checking account still necessary or a relic of the past? A checking account is absolutely necessary! Despite the fact that few of us actually write checks anymore, and most groan when someone in line ahead of them takes out a checkbook, a checking account in good standing is still something we all need. For example, take your paycheck. For direct deposit, you need a checking account. Want to cash that check yourself instead? You can go to check cashing places and pay lots of fees, or deposit it in your checking account for free. When applying for credit cards or loans, companies still look to see if you have a checking account in good standing. Convinced yet? If you need a checking account, look for the best checking account in Jackson MI. You want one will low or no maintenance fees. Check out the ATM fees too, some banks charge hefty ones if you dare use any ATMs but theirs. Once you have got your account set up, use it with care.

Avoid overdrafts! Overdraft protection may keep your checks from bouncing but those ISF fees add up fast, and be aware that people who constantly overdraw their account often find themselves on a blacklist. This puts them at risk of having their account closed and having a hard time getting a new one.

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