Discussing some Ideas in the book’ The Wealthiest Guy in Babylon’ by George S. Clason: 10 Steps to Wealth

Article Title: Discussing some Ideas in the book’ The Wealthiest Guy in Babylon’ by George S. Clason: 10 Steps to Wealth

Posted by: Craig Lock

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“We share what we should know, to ensure that both you and your money

may grow.”


“Money can’t buy you happiness. However it allows you to be

miserable in comfort.”

“Wealth is preferable to poverty… if perhaps for financial reasons.”

– Woodsy Allen

“Individuals who say money can’t buy you happiness,

have no idea where you can shop.”

– anon


These ideas are removed from (and therefore are a short review of things i feel is the primary points of) the classic book

‘The Wealthiest Guy in Babylon’ by George S. Clason (Writer Penguin Books (USA)). I have written this piece in point form from notes that I have taken – for brevity. In which the masculine word ‘men’ can be used during these ancient documents, please substitute “and ladiesInch.

(because they are frequently more sensible and careful on financial matters compared to male from the species!)

Hopefully discussing these details might be useful for you

across the roadway to financial success…


‘THE Wealthiest Guy IN BABYLON’ by George S. Clason

The success strategies of the ancients, an assured route to happiness and wealth – ‘the most inspiring book on wealth ever written’. Like gravitational forces, these concepts of monetary success are universal and constant.

‘Lo, cash is plentiful for individuals who comprehend the simple rules of their acquisition.’

5 Laws and regulations OF GOLD

I. Gold cometh happily as well as in growing quantity to the guy who’ll put by not under one-tenth of his earnings to produce an estate for his future which of his family.

II. Gold laboureth faithfully and gladly for that smart owner who finds for this lucrative employment, spreading even while the flocks from the area. Best of luck could be tempted by accepting chance.

III. Gold clingeth towards the protection from the careful owner who spends it underneath the advice of males smart in the handling.

IV. Gold slippeth from the guy who spends it in companies or reasons that he’s familiar, or which aren’t approved by individuals skilled in the keep.

V. Gold flees the guy who’d pressure it to impossible earnings or who followeth the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers, or who trust it to their own lack of experience and romantic desires in investment.



Everything begins with DESIRE. So, if that is what you truly want, possess a great desire to have wealth, as with the effectiveness of thine own desires lies a miracle energy – the opportunity to achieve them. In which the determination is, the way in which are available.

1. Fill yourself with the idea of ‘starting thy purse to fattening’. Create a ‘wealth consciousness’ or mindset. Then possess a Intend to achieve your wealth goals. (“It’s the plan that hath made my success”).

2. Control thy costs. Better just a little caution than the usual greater regret.

3. Make thy gold multiply. “Your wealth is away from the coins he carries in the purse it’s the earnings he buildeth, the golden stream that constantly floweth into his purse and it always protruding. That’s what every guy desireth.’

4. Guard thy treasures from loss. We can’t manage to do without sufficient protection, so be fully protected with insurance (existence and general).

5. Model of thy dwelling a lucrative investment. (Time for you to fresh paint then, Craig)

6. Insure the next earnings.

7. Increase thy capability to earn (by searching for possibilities). Every problem is definitely an chance to behave new.

8. Pay back all debt as quickly as possible. This really is fundamental to achieving financial independence.

9. PAY YOURSELF FIRST out of your pay-packet. Part Of Whatever You EARN Is Up To You To Help Keep

‘A a part of all I earn is that i can keep’ (‘put in 10 coins. however , spend only 9, ie. reserve a minimum of 10 of the earnings for any ‘rainy day’. As you can see your hard earned money growing fast, this can further stimulate, motivate and encourage you. A brand new pleasure of existence will thrill you.

N.B: Remember,


10. Do something positive about your funds.

Males and ladies of ACTION are preferred through the Goddess of excellent luck .

Follow these management of your capital hints and you’re sure to be in order to financial security as well as wealth.

Best of luck- and become happy across the journey of existence.

Shared by Craig Lock (Bald eagle Productions)

* “luck”, as the saying goes, is how readiness (can there be this type of word?) meets chance.

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Craig has labored for “many moons” within the financial services industry (dads and moms as he were built with a “proper job”)…before being a author. He’s analyzed and written extensively on money matters: articles, pamphlets for banking institutions and books.

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