CREDIT SUDHAAR remembers Credit Health Week

CREDIT SUDHAAR remembers Credit Health Week First charge card charge is made on Feb 8, 1950

Introduces Free CREDIT HEALTH Score Estimator Announces one free counseling session

&bull CREDIT SUDHAAR allows customers to achieve a detailed estimate of the Credit Rating cost free

&bull One free counseling session added as another advantage

&bull Remembers CREDIT HEALTH WEEK between Feb 8 to Feb 15, 2013

Mumbai, Feb 1, 2013: India&rsquos first Credit Health Improvement Company, CREDIT SUDHAAR, a Non Banking Financial Corporation today introduced introduction of the free credit health score estimator online &ndash proclaiming Feb eighth as CREDIT HEALTH DAY and also the week of Feb eighth to 15th as CREDIT HEALTH WEEK. The organization is going to be honoring CREDIT HEALTH WEEK to mark the very first charge card charge that was done on Feb 8, 1950 by Frank McNamara, Rob Schneider and Matty Simmons at Major’s Cabin Grill, a cafe or restaurant next to their offices within the Empire Condition Building, New You are able to, USA.

The Loan HEALTHScore Estimator will enable customers to achieve a relatively close estimate of the credit rating and therefore enable them to in assessing their CREDIT Health insurance and taking appropriate action to enhance their CREDIT HEALTH. Clients using credit health score estimator may also take advantage of a totally free counseling session with a NACC licensed counselor on offer by CREDIT SUDHAAR.

The announcement is made by Mr. Arun Ramamurthy and Mr. GauravWadhwani, co-foundersof CREDIT SUDHAAR.

&ldquoTheCREDIT HEALTHScore Estimator will enable clients&rsquo to find their credit rating fairly precisely. 700 points or here is a bad score for an individual so that as a CREDIT HEALTH improvement company you want to help they move towards better CREDIT HEALTH&rdquo stated Mr. Arun Ramamurthy, co-founder, CREDIT SUDHAAR.

&ldquoYour credit rating plays an important role in identifying your financial health. Whether you are wanting to purchase a home, a vehicle or perhaps a new charge card, your credit rating has immense impact on the loan processing. A credit scoreis a stride of methods faithfully you are making obligations highly relevant to financial loans, charge cards, telephone bills, insurance rates, rent cheques etc. This type of score comes by credit agencies by examining your credit report also it not only works well for having your loan approved, but goes beyond it.&rdquo stated Mr. GauravWadhwani, co-founder, CREDIT SUDHAAR.


Based in Mumbai, CREDIT SUDHAAR is really a Credit Health Improvement Company. The organization&rsquos goal would be to help people become Credit Healthy. CREDIT SUDHAAR operates by trained professionals and licensed advisors whose expertise is based on interpretation your credit history, determining the problems using the report, comprehensive analysis after which organizing a action plan to improve your credit rating HEALTH. With offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, CREDIT SUDHAAR is connected with Dipran Finance Pvt Ltd, a non-banking loan provider.

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