Best & Most Dependable NBFC Software

Macreel NBFC Software programs are a Non-Banking Loan Provider software that has been designed to cover the whole working of the Company/Firm involved with Hire Purchase and it is related Business. It covers the majority of the functionality as those of banking software.

Advantages of NBFC Software

FD, RD and MIS would be the popular long-term investment plans which individuals use to have their profit these schemes for greater profit. Getting thorough understanding around the core NBFC business, we has designed and developed this outstanding software for NBFC that might be useful during your business process helping you to access reviews associated with a detail. Our software could be highly efficient to handle a myriad of business processes and enhance productivity.

Master Module:


It’s probably the most crucial modules of the NBFC application that manipulates and handles with lots of different financial loans and keeps you up-to-date. It offers particulars like account holder, quantity of loan, listing of due payments, installment amount, and listing of past due, installment date with accurate reviews of all of the above.


Within the Deposit module you’ll have the ability to manage all of the Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, and Monthly Installment Plan in addition to debentures of the clients using its easy and user-friendly Interface. It’ll help you stay up-to-date with a myriad of info on day to day basis.


Our NBFC Software includes a effective and accurate Accounting module that will give you clean and neat accounting with intelligent features to lessen manual errors. The program will give you personalized graphical reviews on several aspects to boost profitability of the business.


Transaction module keeps the record of a myriad of transaction and history of all of the parties involved.

Account report:

It keeps an eye on all of your General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Sheet as well as gives you a printed receipt for the similar.

Financial Report:

This prevents an eye on all of the financial particulars for example Listing of past due, list o due payments, Dealer Ledger, Listing of balances, listing of finished cases, Listing of NPA cases etc.

RTO Form: This module gives you form for example permit renewal, insurance renewal and it is needed thank you’s. It offers the facilities to get Form. No 35, No Objection/Clearance certificate etc having a delivery note.

Macreel InfoSoft, a top-notch Software Company based at Noida, provides an array of top quality, cost-effective software programs. Like NBFC Software we provide software of wide selection for areas for example Educational Management System, Multilevel marketing, Leave &travel, ERP Software and much more.

Macreel welcomes you to definitely receive an effective College management by presenting the Macreel Shiksha, a university ERP System supplying the finest platform along with a one-stop solution for your educational & management related problems.

Control over organizations has turned into a very tiresome process nowadays. Educational facilities have grown to be a much more tiresome tactic to manage. To be able to manage education in present day world, we must plan carefully with systematic approach and also have accurate control of the executive process. Because of tight competitions, every college and other sorts of educational facilities are attempting to enhance their finest by seeking the aid of the data technology to enhance their facilities and keep a distinctive record.

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