Beginning A Fish Tank Maintenance Business

Getting Began&hellipthe Essentials

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Business Licenses

The price of a company license is tiny. Unless of course you intend to market from the store, the most popular cost in many areas is roughly $25 each year. Additionally, you must also get yourself a special tax identification number for florida sales tax. To be able to get a tax ID you have to contact local and condition government authorities to setup a free account.

2. Business Necessities

&bull Business card printing

Probably the most important steps when beginning a brand new services are purchasing business card printing. Generally, for $75 you’ll be able to print 5000 cards in multiple colors. Bear in mind that to be able to obtain a possible client&rsquos attention a far more professional searching card will think about your company.

&bull Letterhead

It is crucial to keep professionalism whatsoever occasions. One way to get this done is thru your letterhead. Letterhead is generally employed for sales letters, business correspondence, sales promotions etc. First impressions are very important to draw potential clients. When focusing on high-finish clients they’ll expect a particular degree of professionalism.

Other marketing tools for example pamphlets and ads are crucial to get your products to your prospects however are not necessarily necessary. Normally, based on the standard of sales brochure or ads you choose, these may generally range in cost from $50- $500. You will find many print shops and graphic artists in your town which will take proper care of this.

&bull Invoice book

&bull Appearance

The private appearance of both you and your employees is an extremely important detail. Formal business attire is not required, whether golf shirt or perhaps a regular t-shirt together with your company title and logo design ought to be worn. T-t shirts with simple pocket embroidery will definitely cost between $10 and $12 per shirt. Embroidered golf t shirts will definitely cost around $15 to $19 per shirt.

&bull Insurance

Don’t step in without some form of liability or broken property insurance. Regardless of how careful it’s possible to be while maintenance a fish tank, accidents may happen. There is little finish your company endeavor faster than the usual suit for broken property. Normally playing around $90 monthly with a few variation of sorts of guidelines that are offered, it’s truly better safe than sorry.

&bull Liability

It’s good business practice to possess some form of fundamental insurance. It provides the client and also you a feeling of security and adds credibility for your business. A liability disclaimer against seafood and animals deaths in addition to aquarium leaks along with other collateral damage triggered by leaks is incorporated within the &ldquoSales Section&rdquo.

3. Marketing

The finest challenge in beginning a fish tank maintenance services are finding your base clientele. By permitting a nearby pet shop and buddies to pass through your business card printing, you basically using them as free sales reps. Positive contact made from a possible client yet others that recommend your merchandise is really an invaluable commodity.

&bull Newspaper advertisements

Advertising inside a newspaper is considered ineffective and may become pricey. A much better approach is always to create a catalogue or sales brochure, which you’ll personally fall off at potential companies.

&bull Display your title around the tank

Always display your title and number somewhere around the tank. Always request the consumer&rsquos permission first then provide a free month’s service reely seafood. Purchase some business card printing or peel off stickers that you could leave around or on your tanks.

&bull Radio / TV Advertising

&bull Ensure that it stays spotless

Many people connect a spotless tank having a healthy atmosphere. Create argue this time. You’ll be doing your favor and marketing your company like a clean running service.

4. Customer Support

If finding new customers would be the most difficult facet of e-commerce, keeping them is really a close second. Based on where you live, business may become very competitive if you’re not the only real company. Keeping the clients happy involves even more than simply cleaning their aquariums. You should go “that one step furtherInch and looking after a high-notch service. Getting flexible service hrs and “available” availability is essential for achievement. For instance, restaurants along with other companies frequently close at very late hrs. Throughout their business hrs clients won’t want their patrons viewing a cleaning service. Offering late or &ldquooff hrs&rdquo occasions for your clients will make them happy and set you above your rivals.

Available availability is essential. Clients will call in the oddest occasions therefore it might be vital that you provide them with use of a pager number. Not just to schedule visits but to request questions or report some form of emergency. From seeping tanks to major seafood kills, you’ll be the first your clients will call when there’s an issue with their aquarium. If you’re not available, they’ll look for someone else.

5. Aquarium Location

When analyzing the very best options for any tank location keeping a couple of factors in your mind is vital. You will need the tank to stay in a higher traffic area with maximum exposure where you can easily maintain, has a good amount of sun light with no sunlight. More particularly, &ldquoWall Aquariums&rdquo are only able to be set up in inside non-encouraging walls.

Request the customer to select three areas they would like to consider and perform a record. Make certain the ultimate location can access energy and educate the customer on why some areas may require further preparing.

6. Dealing with Companies

You will have to work carefully having a contractor unless of course you’re licensed. Companies are available in the Phone Book and vary from $50 &ndash $70/hour normally. Average installation within an existing wall takes 12 hrs, from absolutely nothing to seafood.

7. Financing Services

In case your customer desires to finance cellular phone, payment plans can be found from Financial Institutions. You’ll be compensated 100% from the cost upfront in the service as well as your customer owes them the total amount. These companies are available in the Phone Book under &ldquoFinance Companies&rdquo.

8. Seafood Selection

Most “non” seafood enthusiasts have a problem with seafood selection and compatibility. You have to educate the customer on understanding why some seafood can cohabitate and a few cannot. Pay attention to your customer and obtain an over-all concept of size and colours they need. Recommending species can help guide them through seafood selection as well as your professional opinion is going to be appreciated.

After you have advisable of what they need, perform some homework. Come up with a listing of compatible and available seafood for that tank. Listing an believed cost per seafood will aid the client.

9. Service Equipment

Gathering all the necessary the equipment to operate your merchandise is easy and simple. The majority of the tools needed might be present in your individual equipment you have acquired over time.

You’ll need:

&bull Bucket

&bull Aquarium cleaning siphon (battery powered ones work nice)

&bull Algae scraper (acrylic friendly)

&bull Fresh & Saltwater test kits

&bull Filter media

&bull Seafood medication (Melafix, Pemafix, Kich-Ich, Salt)

&bull Instant Sea Bio-Spira (instant tank start)

&bull Seafood food

&bull 100% Cotton towel

Additionally to those products, a canister filter that may be obtained from site to site will be a good investment. You may even consider buying a transportable diatom filter for ‘polishing’ your client’s aquarium water. If you don’t curently have these power tools you might be searching in an equipment launch price of $100 to $200.

10. Aquarium Set-up

&bull Water

1. Fill the aquarium with pure water. Culligan is effective or you might want to purchase a R/O unit (ro).

2. Add some appropriate quantity of water conditioner to reduce the effects of swimming pool water.

3. Give a starter seafood or two.

4. Test the ammonia and nitrate levels.

5. Between 2-five days later pending the outcomes of the tests you are able to introduce more seafood.

&bull Test the ammonia and nitrate levels each time the tank is maintained to ensure that you’ll be comfortable with any unseen problems.

&bull Within the situation of the sudden seafood fatality, test water to determine contrary has transformed.

&bull Lighting

Based on the consumer&rsquos tank the perfect ‘photoperiod’ (the amount of time the aquarium is lit) varies from 2 to 4 hrs for saltwater and 6 to 8 hrs for freshwater.

If algae is a concern within the tank, a adding factor is generally an excessive amount of light. Lowering the artificial lighting time for you to eight hrs, or a little less might be necessary.

Inserting the sunshine right into a timer is important in developing a controlled atmosphere.

&bull Temperature

Most aquarium occupants prefer water temps around 77&degF. Typically, if temperature of water increases above 80&degF, or below 72&degF, disaster is imminent. Secure the heater as directed and put a thermometer as far in the heater as you possibly can within an easily readable area.

&bull Filtration

Do as instructed incorporated together with your filter for correct system setup. The filter cleans the tank water and offers vital oxygen for that seafood so it should be left on 24 hrs each day.

You will find three kinds of filtration that you need to get educated on: mechanical, chemical and biological.

&bull Mechanical filtration (removing bits of debris in the water) functions by passing water via a screen, a skinny bit of sponge, or via a start flossing material.

&bull Chemical filtration functions by passing water through small bits of carbon. The carbon removes molecules for example ammonia in the water.

&bull Biological filtration functions by certain kinds of bacteria living on gravel as well as in your filter. These bacteria remove ammonia and nitrites in the water (see next section).

Most filters will clean robotically and biologically if not completely three.

11.Comprehending the Nitrogen cycle (Seafood make Waste – Bacteria eliminate Waste).

&bull The Biological filter process:

1. Starter seafood are brought to aquarium.

2. Ammonia in the waste begins to develop (toxic).

3. Bacteria start growing which use Ammonia.

4. Ammonia level begins to decrease as Nitrite level develops (toxic).

5. Bacteria start growing which use Nitrite.

6. Nitrite level begins to decrease as Nitrate level gradually rise (a smaller amount toxic).

7. Water is transformed and Nitrate level drops.

8. More seafood are introduced.

&bull These bacteria are known as Aerobic Bacteria simply because they need oxygen. The easiest method to fuel them would be to have well-oxygenated water and lots of places to develop.

&bull A brand new tank is not ready for any full load of seafood since the biological filter has not developed yet. Gradually adding seafood throughout scheduled visits will help with water quality.

12. Water Changes

&bull Cleaning frequency

You will need to perform a 20% water change every two days. This is an incomplete cleaning. In case your customer favors more uncommon visits, a 30% water change can be achieved every three days and can are more expensive. A significant water change is just necessary if tank is not washed inside a very long time.

Clean your aquariums within the following order:

1. Inside aquarium walls

2. Adornments (rocks, plants, etc)

3. Gravel

4. Filter

5. Outdoors and fittings

Washing the inside walls may cause contaminants of debris to fall around the plants, adornments, and gravel, so it is best to clean them first. Getting rid of the plants and adornments may cause debris to fall towards the bottom, so postpone washing the gravel before the plants and adornments happen to be removed. Also, the gravel is a lot simpler to wash when the plants and rocks happen to be removed. Cleaning within the tank may cause the outdoors to obtain dirty, so clean the outdoors last.

Algae pads

Start your cleaning process by providing the acrylic a great cleaning inside. All that’s necessary for your is definitely an acrylic algae scraper or sponge. You will find a multitude of algae scrapers available on the market, from lengthy handled scrubbers to magnetic scrubbers. Purchase your algae scrapper in a store rather than the home wares department in a regular store. Even though the pads may look exactly the same, they’ve already a cleaning soap or chemical residue inside them in the manufacturing process. A residue won’t affect your kitchen area sink, however it can leave a lethal film inside your aquarium.

For particularly persistent residue around the sides, make use of a special plastic shaver, as standard shavers will scratch acrylic.


When the inside walls are clean, remove any rocks, artificial plants, or adornments which have significant algae growth, or are noticeably dirty. Don’t clean all of them with cleaning soap or liquids. It’s very hard to completely remove cleaning soap, as well as the littlest trace could be lethal to seafood. Often a good scrub by having an algae scraper will take away the algae and grime from rocks and plants. For particularly persistent cleaning problems, make a 10% bleach solution (1 part household bleach to 9 parts water) and soak the products for fifteen minutes. Scrub any remaining residue off, rinse well in flowing water, and let air dry to get rid of any residual bleach. Leave the rocks, adornments and plants from the tank when you vacuum the gravel. This way no debris stirred up in the gravel will choose them.

Customize the bucket and designate it for aquarium only use. Utilizing a bucket that was already contaminated along with other household chemicals could cause losing your seafood.


Clean the gravel next while on an aquarium siphon to hoover away the debris right into a bucket. You will find several kinds of siphons available, which work basically exactly the same. Make sure to vacuum all the gravel completely to ensure that all debris is taken away.

Glass and Lime cleansers

Once within the aquarium is washed, the hood, light, tshirt, and outdoors glass could be washed. Just use cleansers designated as aquarium safe. Regular glass cleansers contain ammonia, that is toxic to seafood. Standard lime cleansers are more toxic. Use aquarium safe skin cleansers and rinse. Don’t scrub the acrylic with sponges or any wood by-product. Make use of a 100% cotton shirt or towel.

Filter cleaning

After carrying out a partial cleaning and contains been 4 days because you last washed the filter, it’s time to fix it again. Should you did a significant water change you might want to hold back until the following trip to clean the filter. The reason behind this isn’t visible towards the human eye alone. The main cleaning you simply carried out has disturbed the microbial colonies around the plants, rocks, as well as in the gravel. Fortunately a substantial quantity of the advantageous bacteria reside inside the filter media meaning you have not completely upset the eco-system. If however you transformed the filter simultaneously, you can finish track of a substantial spike in ammonia levels because of the possible lack of advantageous bacteria. For your reason, it’s smart to own tank a relaxation before getting rid of the filter and cleaning it.

Generally your filter has media that contains carbon, ammonia absorbers, or ion-exchange resins, and really should be changed whether it’s greater than four days old. Soon after days the absorbing characteristics in media happen to be exhausted, and you will find enough microbial colonies elsewhere to offset its removal. If you work with two filters, clean one per visit.

Your package prices will include installation, aquascaping, filling the tank with water, seafood and washing the aquarium for that first month. You need to provide a five to tenPercent discount having a 6-month service contract as on the example &ldquoSales Contract&rdquo.

&bull Service charges

Your merchandise charges depends on competition and target demographic. The costs here are recommended and really should be modified for your area.

Service programs include:

&bull Scheduled bi-monthly visits (could be modified to satisfy clients needs)

&bull Water change (see Water Changes)

&bull Delivery of apparatus, supplies and atmosphere as asked for by client

&bull Free consultation for

&bull Aquarium refurbishments

&bull Seafood stocking

&bull Equipment alternative/upgrades

&bull Water quality improvement

&bull Treatment of seafood illness

16.Sales Procedure

Put aside specific hrs or days per week for sales and stay with the schedule. Throughout this time around you’ll approach companies and introduce yourself and products.

When the client desires to finance a bundle or service, speak to your &ldquoFinance Company&rdquo (see Loan Provider) and you will have to complete work before you decide to receive your payment.

&bull Customer&rsquos concerns and faq’s

Concern: I don&rsquot are able to afford now to cover the package prices.

Reply: Not a problem, the whole amount could be funded also it&rsquos additionally a tax discount for commercial clients.

Concern: I don&rsquot would like you to wash the aquarium before my clients.

Reply: Not a problem, We are able to come across after business hrs for commercial clients.

Question: How do you connect to the tank to clean whether it&rsquos within the wall?

Answer: Access is going to be hidden within picture-frame style border or perhaps an access panel in which the top piece shifts open.

Question: The way electricity be provided for an in-wall aquarium?

Answer: A power outlet is going to be mounted within the wall facing the aquarium.

Question: The way the seafood be given after i&rsquom on holiday?

Answer: A computerized seafood feeder will feed the seafood for approximately two days for freshwater seafood. We provide a vacation feeding service.

Question: Let’s say the tank leaks?

Answer: It’s very rare yet it’s under producers warranty for just one year.

18. Tips

They are a couple of handy suggestions and tips that could make things just a little simpler.

1. For those who have a pc, take advantage from it. Much of your clients have a computer also it creates a terrific way to communicate. E-mail is an excellent method to speak to your clients, send them bills, and permit them to request questions when you are not within their area.

2. Train your customers as well as their employees about feeding and also the filter system. Demonstrate to them how to proceed in desperate situations and train these to recognize problems prior to them getting beyond control. Always train a minimum of two employees on feeding techniques.

3. Keep the clients current around the system and then any changes you are making. Do not allow things to become surprise. Clients have a tendency to do not allow sudden changes made without their consent.

4. Purchase maintenance tools that are simple to use and that do not produce a mess. Water changes having a 5-gallon bucket are any sort of accident waiting to occur. Find techniques which are easy to use and clean.

5. Control algae. It’s your clients’ number 1 concern. A grimy tank provides the incorrect message for your clients’ clients. Use seafood species, lighting control, feeding programs and good removal tools. Keep in mind these tanks are acrylic and can scratch if applied by having an abrasive material. Use 100% cotton towel rather than sponges. Sponges really are a wood by-product and may scratch acrylic.

6. Great customer support means being patient. Not everybody may have the knowledge of aquatics that you simply do. Stuff that are really simple to you might be harder for other people to know. Attempt to become well experienced in fundamental concepts you’ll be explaining them again and again. Treat everybody based you might be speaking to your client’s valued clients.

7. Seafood deaths are part of e-commerce. Learn how to be supportive but firm. Some seafood deaths are unforeseeable, while some are avoidable. Exercise a seafood alternative system and stay with it. Changing a couple of seafood free of charge isn’t any large deal, changing an entire tank is.

8. Keep current on new items and seafood species. You shouldn’t be afraid to test something totally new, it’s the only method you’ll advance your abilities. Purchase good quality magazines and books they’ll become helpful for reference.

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