Are You Currently a Healbot? 5 Inquiries to Answer – The Cisco Kid Side of Healing (Signs & Signs and symptoms)

Everybody comes into the world using the gift of healing! You’re born using the natural ability to heal and also have a healing affect on your world and folks inside your existence.

However not everybody comes into the world having a contract to become a healbot.

There is no need to possess a vocation as healbot to possess a contract to do something like a healbot inside your existence.

Wish to discover for those who have an agreement to become a healbot?


1 – Do you want to help others and really make a difference in people&rsquos lives?

2 – Are you prepared to make personal sacrifices to assist another person in need of assistance?

3 – Are you currently scared of being viewed as selfish or ungrateful?

4 – If you notice someone having a problem would you instantly want to assist them to solve it and provide solutions?

5 – Is the first inclination to become compassionate, open and generous with other people?

A healbot will invariably decide to live in ways that’s healing, regardless of what your selected occupation. As being a healing influence is how you live your existence. This is exactly what marks you like a healbot.

A healbot likes dealing with duties of taking care of and taking care of others. They are concerned about others&rsquos happiness not to mention are more likely to help.

A healbot has the capacity to recognize, experience and sympathise with other people needs. Your compassionate understanding drives you to reply to individuals needs immediately without reservation. You are prepared to step-up and do whatever needs doing to lend a bit of support. Whether or not this&rsquos offering free advice, support, or financial help.

The number two vibration is strongly triggered inside your personal numerology profile for those who have an agreement for healing. 2 is the amount of relationship, balance, healing and peace. The second chakra is frequently unbalanced in early stages of just living your contract like a healbot.

Healbot&rsquoS Road To FULFILLMENT

The Road OF HEALING might be fraught with challenges while you learn how to navigate the right path of healing in existence that’s healthy and productive for those concerned. It’s a road to Self Healing and Self Mastery.

Fundamental essentials stages of development generally though, obviously, not every. Ascended masters like Jesus the Christ exemplify the actual Healbot in a very youthful age. This really is intended to be a useful guide. There’s no wrong or right way it’s individual to each one known as towards the road to healing.


Should you&rsquore healing in the first stage you frequently feel conflict between meeting your personal needs and individuals of others. This is often an agonizing experience as you’ve an in-depth anxiety about being viewed as selfish. At this time you’ve got a inclination to sacrifice your very own needs and happiness with regard to helping another person in need of assistance. At this time you’re a rescuer. Which means you don&rsquot think that another has got the assets open to help themselves, but could only get the aid of you. You are feeling obligated to assist and find out individuals in need of assistance as sufferers that belongs to them conditions.


At this time you’re dedicated to your very own care and more. Fulfilling both duties to yourself yet others and moving backward and forward for any win-win option would be a resource of fulfillment for you personally. At this time you’ve recognized that the own needs and happiness are as essential as an others. You start to selectively make use of the word &ldquoNO.&rdquo You now start to set your individual limitations and limits. You decide to empower others to assist themselves and not simply instantly do things on their behalf.

When you initially attempt this stage like a healbot you might experience guilt about putting your personal needs within the picture. You might believe that you&rsquore harming others by selecting to think about your very own needs and happiness. However, with more experience you realized the way your thinking that others can resolve their existence problems on their own together with your guidance and support when needed is really a more loving act.

At this time you understand your greater value and priority like a healbot would be to train people how to get proper care of themselves. It becomes clear that helping people know they are able to thrive in existence is an excellent healing gift.


Your generosity multiplies through individuals you help!

At this time your need to heal is much more encompassing while you&rsquove awakened to helping in an inclusive level (all humanity, our planet, atmosphere and creatures).

Your associations expand globally and you decide yourself a buddy to any or all.

You participate in community building as well as networking with other people to produce systems which are healing and evolve awareness on how to live quietly upon our planet.

You’re abundant and prosperous inside your mindset and actions. You&rsquore the fully recognized and embodied healbot!


The cisco kid side from the healbot manifests as co-dependence. You think and behave as if others can&rsquot survive without you.

There&rsquos mutual guilt-stumbling between yourself yet others along with a constant flow of drama that needs your assistance.

You receive your feeling of self worth from helping others and therefore are hooked on helping. You might be a lengthy and suffering martyr.

The archetype from the energy vampire is active inside you and devours you and also others. You enable others to carry on their dysfunctional behavior, being &ldquoaddicts&rdquo and based mostly on you for help.

Addicts come in most dimensions, colors and shapes. If there’s chronic, repetitive, destructive behavior at the office that leads to discomfort and suffering there’s an energetic addiction involved.


You’re In A QUIET PLACE where you won’t be disturbed. Sit silently but still the mind.

Start to daydream about helping another person in need of assistance. Fantasize you have limitless assets open to help anybody who may require it. You travel all over the world helping others.

Who do you experience feeling compelled to assist and have you got obvious experience about how exactly best to assist them to which will empower them?

Is it possible to selectively say &ldquono&rdquo without any reservation or feeling of guilt in a few conditions.

How can you take care of yourself inside your healing ministrations?

Are you currently mutually loving and sort towards yourself, and more?

Would you intuitively incorporate your own needs within the picture?

Feel deeply to your experience with mutual love and taking care of yourself yet others.

Let your experience with mutual love and thanks to be encoded inside your genetic make-as a healbot now, to ensure that it is active to help you later on when serving as a healbot inside your existence.

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