AHIMA Registered Health Information Administrator Certification (RHIA) Certification Particulars

The American Health care Information Management Association (AHIMA) includes a documentation and examination system for registered health information administration. Company directors with experience may take the RHIA examination to obtain qualified.

The RHIA documentation exam comes with an examination content outline with six sites. These sites would be the primary subjects and also have several dozen subtopics (exam expertise). The main subjects you will have to know contain health information management, health statistics and research support, technology and methods, organization and management, comfort, security, and privacy, and authorized and controlling needs.

An Authorized health information administrator (RHIA) is really a skilled professional who handles the creation and employ of health computer in health good care designs. To become RHIA, an applicant must first graduate student from an authorized health information specialist system by having an associate’s degree after which pass the RHIA documentation exam through AHIMA (American Health care Information Management Association).

Being employed as a vital outcomes of health good care companies, payers, and patients, the RHIA is experienced in controlling individual health information and health care records, supplying computer, collecting and analyzing individual information, and taking advantage of category techniques and health care terms, offers comprehensive information of health care, management, moral and law and needs associated with health care distribution and also the convenience of protected individual information, handles people and operational models, participates management committees, and makes budgets. The RHIA conveys with all of amounts of a company – clinical, financial, management, and computer – that employ individual information in decision-making and everyday functions.

RHIA candidates must meet among the following qualifications needs:

Effectively complete the academic specifications, in the baccalaureate level, of the HIM system authorized by the Commission on Certification for Health care Informatics and knowledge Management Understanding (CAHIIM).


Finish an HIM system approved with a foreign link with which AHIMA includes a reciprocity agreement.

The academic qualifications of every candidate is going to be verified before an applicant is considered qualified to accept examination. All first-time candidates must submit official records using their college or college.

Qualified students contain the next:

Students presently registered as well as in their last phrase of study

Students who’ve completed their course work but haven’t yet completed

Graduates who’re presently awaiting their formal transcripts

Job possibilities for RHIAs appear in multiple designs through the health care industry. These contain the procession of a good care distribution organizations, including medical centers, multispecialty centers and physician practices, lengthy-term good care, mental health, along with other ambulatory good care designs. The profession has witnessed significant expansion in no patient good care designs, with professions in handled good care and insurance organizations, software companies, speaking to services, gov departments, education, and pharmaceutical organizations.

Many documentation exams don’t provide specific reference materials for guides or any other guides which are actual sources accustomed to make a test. Fortunately, AHIMA does release an eye on probably the most generally used examination sources. Although this is not really a comprehensive record, perfecting the fabric within the guides about this record provides you with an attractive factor over somebody that simply attempts to depend on his general information of health information management.

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